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How to make a h…

How to make a house in minecraft (cont.)

ok so after making upstairs you should make a trappdorr dig below 4 blocks mine out a 5*12 room this is a basement (optinal). Use it to hide chests diamonds stuff like that.

oh yeah you need light so go find coal and make torches with sticks if you cant find coal grab wood cook it (not planks) and use charcoal there now you are done

How to build a house in Mine craft.

How to build a house in Minecraft.

First of all you need building material.

 Wood, brick, or cobblestone

You need sand and a furnace to make glass.

Six or seven will do but let’s start building.

 10*10*9 as a rim 10 across 10 wide 9 high

Fix any mistakes

Make stairs and signs

Put stairs out and signs on the ends of it to look like couches put them in the middle

Put crafting table and furnace in your room.

Go mining for iron and make a pair of shears find sheep and shear them take wool and wood to make a bed

Now make upstairs and repeat except for mining